The key to China’s geopolitical success continues to be infrastructure development

China is kicking off 2022 with a flurry of diplomacy and partnerships in Africa and the Middle East that are ruffling some feathers. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has just finished a trip to East Africa on a charm offensive designed to shore up China’s presence on the Red Sea…

The discovery of a potentially more transmissible variant of COVID-19 in South Africa last week underlines the need for global cooperation in the fight against the pandemic. Scientists are still scrambling to determine the exact nature of the danger posed by the omicron variant, but that hasn’t stopped much of…

“Nature shrinks as capital grows. The growth of the market cannot solve the very crisis it creates.” — Vandana Shiva

Our approach to climate change and curbing carbon emissions is broken. Let’s face it: Governments and international organizations have so far failed to alter the trajectory of our warming planet…

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